Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the cruise buddy I just had installed on my Road King. I found it at a dealer in St. Louis and brought it home. Everyone at my dealership in Glendale was really impressed. I just returned from a 5,000 mile trip through Canada and LOVED it! Since I am female, I normally have problems working the stock wing nut without removing one hand from the bar. This was great and really easy. Everyone on this road trip with us wanted one, so I am giving them your web address. Also, while at a dealer in Calgary, Canada-the service technicians were so impressed they also asked me for info.

Thanks again
Nancy B.


I am writing this letter to compliment your company on your development of the innovative Cruise buddy.

After the article in Hot Bike magazine, I thought the Cruise Buddy would make a useful addition to my dresser.

Upon calling your company to place an order, the helpful and knowledgeable staff advised me that a new generation of Cruise Buddy had been developed. This version didn’t require any drilling or tapping of the control housing. It just went in, in place of the star wheel.

I placed my order and it had arrived in a timely manner, nicely packaged, with clear and easy instructions. I installed the Cruise Buddy in less than half an hour and was delighted with the quality, function, and looks.

I have taken several road trips since the installation and am very pleased with the ease of setting and releasing the throttle.

Your product has made my riding experience much more enjoyable and convenient.

Thank you
Glendale, AZ


Last year, I purchased a Cruise Buddy from you and was amazed at what a simple and elegant solution it turned out to be. Totally satisfied until last week when, in Montana, looked down to see the lever missing. I guess the tech that had installed it (honest, it wasn’t me) hadn’t put enough lock-tite on. I’m wondering if you sell parts, ie the lever, pin and nut to make it like new again or do I need to buy a whole new one. If you sell parts, can you tell me how much?

Thanks RM


Per conversation with Jeff Miller here is a check for a Cruise Buddy that has already been sent. I included an extra $5.00 to help take care of the added shipping and the phone call. Thanks for the faith in sending the money and the courtesy of sending the Cruise Buddy before you got a legit check! Pretty rare these days and totally non-existent up here in the DC area.

Thanks again,


MCG Custom,

Just installed a Cruise Buddy on my ‘99’ FXR2 and took it for a ride. I must say that the on and off is so much easier operate than that of the stock star wheel. I don’t have to take my clutch hand off the handle bar to operate it. It works just like you said-a flip of the thumb will set it and release it. I am looking forward to many miles of riding with out the hassle of using the star wheel.
Thanks for a great product.



I have been a Harley rider for years and one thing that has bugged me is the inconvenience of using the thumb screw. I ordered on of your Cruise Buddys, installed it and took it for a road trip. I was really impressed with the way is operated.
Way to go. It’s about time.



Thanks a million, received my Cruise Buddy yesterday without a hitch. “Ain’t that Fedex somethin’ else!” I really appreciate your response to my expedited request and for your info. I installed it this morning without any problems and now on my way to Austin Tx for tha annual “Republic of Texas” (ROT) rally for three days of “no-tellin what”. Thanks again and be assured that I will proudly recommend your product at the rally anxious to see how many folks notice it without me having to point it out.

Austin TX