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Cruise Buddy patented – “Finger Tip” Throttle control


1. Remove screws from switch housing, loosen throttle cables and remove cables from throttle grip. Refer to your service manual for proper removal / installation of the switch housing).
2. With lower housing away from handle bar remove factory thumbscrew.


1. With a ¼ inch end wrench loosen the “Cruise Buddy” locking nut just enough to back out the adjusting screw all the way (allen wrench included). Remove the thumb lever.
2. Screw “Cruise Buddy” into the existing hole until seated. Use thumb lever to tighten cylinder firmly.
3. Reinstall the adjusting screw/nut assembly. Make sure threads protrude past locking nut about ¼ of an inch. Final adjustment will be made later.
4. From the inside of the throttle housing drop in the actuator pin.
5. Place the friction spring (half moon piece) on the end of the actuator pin (be sure it is seated firmly). If you have the old style friction spring (metal) you should replace it with Harleys new style (plastic), part # 56396-74A, available through us or your local Harley dealer.
6. Re-assemble switch/throttle housing.


1. Rotate the inner cylinder clockwise until the stop pin reaches the end of travel on the outer housing. (Up position). At this point reposition thumb lever on hexed shaft until lever is parallel to the throttle grip (“On” position), and when it is flipped back (“Off” position) it rests close to the throttle return cable and is out of the way.
2. Place the thumb lever back to the “On” position and use the allen wrench to turn the adjusting screw in until you feel friction.
3. Rotate thumb lever to the “Off” position and screw in another ½ turn.
4. To keep excessive pressure off of the threads going into the throttle housing hold the handle firmly and tighten the locking nut (locktite is recommended).
5. Make sure that you have clearance between the cruise buddy and the gas tank by turning the handlebars to the right, if not, raise the handlebars slightly.

Check operation:

1. With the engine off rotate throttle and apply pressure to thumb lever until throttle holds when your hand is released (you must still be able to actuate throttle manually).
2. Use thumb to flip “Cruise Buddy” to “off” position and verify that throttle is working freely and returns to the idle position.
3. Repeat several times to make sure lever is in a comfortable position (thumb lever parallel with throttle grip in “On” position) and throttle is operating properly in “Off” position.
4. It must be stressed that the throttle must be free to return to idle when in the off position.
5. Periodically lubricate with light machine oil. Throttle should ride friction spring within these limits. Adjust throttle linkage accordingly.

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“Cruise Buddy” Patented shown in the “ON” position