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Question: How does it work?
Answer: The stock thumbscrew has to be turned in multiple times. The Cruise Buddy uses only ¼ turn because of the aggressive ramp and pin angle.

Question: You say ¼ turn operation, what do you mean?
Answer: Bend your thumb 45 degrees and you’ve turned it on. See “Install photos”.

Question: What’s it made of?
Answer: It is made from aircraft aluminum, highly polished and uses hardened and stainless steels for the mounting and operational hardware.

Question: Will it fit housings other than Harleys?
Answer: You bet. It will fit Indians and most after market housings that have the “Thumb screw” hole. You might need a friction spring, which we can supply.

Question: How hard is it to install?
Answer: The Cruise Buddy utilizes the internal mechanics of the stock housing and friction device. Installation requires: partial disassembly of throttle housing, removal of OEM thumbscrew, installing the Cruise Buddy and adjusting. This process should take approximately twenty minutes.

Question: Can I still turn the throttle with it engaged?
Answer: Absolutely, and with a quick flick of your thumb you can disengage it.

Question: My bike is a real “shaker” is there going to be a problem?
Answer: No problem, just install according to the instructions and suggest using a thread locker.

Question: The threads seem to be different on my after market housing.
Answer: Your housing probably has a metric thread. No problem, Chase the threads with an 8/32 tap, locktite the CB in and you should be in good shape.